The fifth edition of the German textbook Einführung in die Wirtschaftsinformatik: Ein fallstudienbasierendes Lehrbuch has been published and is now available in bookstores or online.


Business informatics has long been established as a scientific discipline in the academic world of universities and colleges. In retrospect, the spread of the Internet in particular turns out to be the actual "big bang" of the discipline, even though its origins can be found several decades earlier. Today, further development is still unabated and the associated changes - often referred to as digital transformation - are massive and profound in almost all industries. Here, the book "Einführung in die Wirtschaftsinformatik" offers an introduction to the subject and illustrates the many facets of the information systems profession.

Thanks to the good reception of the first four editions of the textbook "Einführung in die Wirtschaftsinformatik", the fifth edition is now being published, some three years after the fourth. The original short but concise revision book has now become a comprehensive textbook with over 300 pages. The work has been used in teaching at numerous universities for years.

The fifth edition has been revised and further developed to meet the growing demands of the business information systems profession. In addition to updates and expansions of established content, two new chapters have been included in the new edition: one on Data Science and one on Ethics in Digitalization.

The proven concept of case-based learning has been retained and expanded. In addition to the example company "Sonnenschein AG", which illustrates IT issues from the perspective of a service company, IT from the perspective of a manufacturing industrial company is explained using "Luminous GmbH". The target group is primarily bachelor students of business informatics and related courses of study.

For lecturers, the online offering has been significantly expanded once again. The underlying didactic concept is thus also very well suited for blended learning and peer instruction formats. On the website of the textbook (, extensive free e-learning materials for each course unit (WBT, multiple-choice questions, etc.) are available for download, which can also be easily integrated into Moodle.

Supplementary materials to the textbook for the use of blended learning:

  • Case studies on an industrial and a service company
  • Slide sets, tasks, sample solutions
  • Sample data sets for analysis tasks
  • Complete Moodle course room for download
  • Web-based training (WBT) for all chapters
  • Multiple-choice questions for Moodle and Pingo

Resources and information about the book at:

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