The German article Digitalisierung und Konvergenz von Online- und Offline-Welt: Einfluss der mobilen Internetsuche auf das Kaufverhalten (English: Digitalization and Convergence of Online- and Offline-Worlds: Impact of Mobile Search on Buying Behavior) by Stephan Daurer, Dominik Molitor and Martin Spann has been published in the Journal Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (Journal of Business Economics). The title of the special issue is Digitalisierung der Unternehmen (English: Digitalization of companies).


The increasing diffusion of mobile phones with internet access (Smartphones) enables more and more consumers to use the mobile internet. In addition, there is a continuing integration of location-based services (LBS). By means of Global Positioning Systems or WiFi-triangulation LBS provide context-aware information to consumers. This leads to a convergence of online and offline worlds. The usage of LBS delivers additional information to consumers (e.g. alternative offers or detailed product information). Therefore LBS do have an influence on consumer behavior. Particularly during the search process, information about prices or geographic distances, that are relevant for the purchase, are of importance. This study analyzes the relevance of location-based internet search empirically. Search costs are estimated on an individual level in a choice-based conjoint analysis using two different products. As a result, location-based internet search is considered to be very relevant for search and influential on consumer behavior. The study shows different consumers preferences and different search costs depending on the product. To conclude the study, the implications are discussed. The major contribution of this study is that it shows that offline and online search do have a mutual impact on each other. Furthermore, search costs are measured in a mobile context.


Search theory, Location-Based Services, Mobile Marketing, Choice-Based-Conjoint-Analysis

JEL Classification

  • D83 – Search; Learning; Information & Knowledge; Communication; Belief
  • L86 – Information and Internet Services; Computer Software
  • M21 – Business Economics

Bibliographic Information

Daurer, Stephan / Molitor, Dominik / Spann, Martin (2012): „Digitalisierung und Konvergenz von Online- und Offline-Welt: Einfluss der mobilen Internetsuche auf das Kaufverhalten“, Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft, 82(sh 04/12), 3–23.