The dissertation of Stephan Daurer with the title Location-based Services and Consumer Search on the Mobile Internet is now available. The book can be purchased online or any book store or online.



The increasing diffusion of smartphones in the mass market enables more and more consumers to use the mobile internet. In addition, there is a continuing integration of location-based services (LBS) which provide context-aware information to consumers. This leads to a convergence of online and offline worlds. The usage of LBS delivers additional and more relevant information to consumers (e.g., about alternative offers). Particularly during the search process, information about product characteristics, prices or geographic distances to offers are of importance. These types of information are provided by barcode-scanning and product information apps.

This dissertation consists of three independent research studies. Stephan Daurer investigates the role of such smartphone apps and LBS in general in consumer search on the mobile internet using various samples and multiple research methods.


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